Frequently Asked Questions:



How do I get started?
It’s simple. Just go to and enter your NRDS ID and select “Continue”. You will then enter your first and last name and create a password. Once this has been created, you will go to the welcome page where you can review the site tutorial that explains step by step how to utilize the system. Click here to access the tutorial.

What if I need to leave my computer when I’m in the middle of placing an order?
Once you have an item on your order, you can select “Save Order” during the ordering process. You will need to name your order, and then the next time you log in, there will be a link at the top of your “Profile Page” to the saved order.

Does the system remember my previous orders?
Yes. On the profile page you can review and “reorder” all previous orders quickly and easily by following the “Re-Order” link. This link will detail all your previous orders.

What if I don’t know my NRDS #?
Simply call 1-800-874-6500 “Option 3” for assistance from Information Central.

What if I have problems placing an order?
Contact us at or call 1-800-874-6500 “Option 1”. A customer service representative will be more than happy to help you with your order.

What if I don’t find what I’m looking for?
Contact us at or call 1-800-874-6500 “Option 1”. A customer service representative will be more than happy to help you with your order.  If there is a particular brochure or product that is missing from the product catalog it may not be available via the print on demand program. You can check the online store to see if this product is available as an eProduct and or in a static format at

What if my credit card declines?
Check two things. First, check the credit card number for accuracy. Second, check the expiration date. Make sure that you haven’t included any punctuation in the date. It should be entered 1207 or 0108…..not 12/07 or 01-08.

How often can I place an order?
The system is available 24/7. Order at your convenience. Customer service hours are 8:30am CST to 5:30pm CST.

Can I order samples of the product?
At this time you are unable to order samples of products. Though, you are able to review what a sample of a personalized brochure looks like by clicking here.


What if I just want to order a PDF?
You can order both personalized printed products and PDF’s. If you would like to order both you will need to place 2 completely separate orders. You will be given the option after you press “checkout’ to choose a PDF instead of a physically printed product. To get to this screen begin by ordering any quantity of a product and change it to a PDF as you checkout

How quickly will a product ship?
You will receive your order within 7 to 10 business days from order. If you need something quicker, we recommend you order an electronic PDF of the product.

Can I have the product mailed to me?
For your convenience we only ship our products via Fed Ex Ground.

I have not received my product yet, where is it?
Typically it takes between 7 and 10 business days to receive your order. You will receive a shipment confirmation via email once your product has shipped. If it has been longer than 10 days since you placed your order please call our customer service line at 1-800-874-6500 “Option 1”.

I ordered an electronic PDF, when will I receive it?
You should have received your electronic PDF with your order confirmation email which is typically delivered within a half an hour from order entry. Please look at the bottom of the order confirmation you received, you should be able to access the PDF via a link at the end of the email. If you did not receive an order confirmation and/or no longer have that email please call 1-800-874-6500 “Option 1” and speak with our customer service staff.

What is the Print on Demand programs’ return policy? Where should I send returns?
Since all products are customized, proofed, and approved per individual Member we do not offer returns, refunds, and/or exchanges, All Sales are Final. If for any reason you have a problem with the condition in which your merchandise was received call 1-800-874-6500 “Option 1” and speak with our customer service staff. 

I don’t like how my product turned out what can I do?
Since all products placed through the program are customized, proofed, and approved by you (the member) prior to your order being finalized we do not offer a return, All Sales are Final. If for any reason you receive product that is defective and/or damaged give us a call to see if we can assist you with your order, call us at 1-800-874-6500 “Option 1” and speak with our customer service staff. 

Can you ship my order outside the United States?
Yes. Choose your country as you are updating your shipping address. Please assure that you place your full address in the comments box to assure proper processing. You may also call 800/874-6500. At the prompt, press 1 to place an international order.